Forest Glen Bible Camp

A Faithful Man with the Lord

On Nov. 10, 2013, a faithful servant of the Lord and personal friend entered the presence of the Lord.  Since the beginning of Forest Glen Bible Camp, Melvin Burns showed a personal interest in the camp ministry.  Because his heart was moved by God to serve Him, he volunteered many hours to improve the buildings and property.  He strengthened the foundations of buildings and built new cabins so that campers could hear the preaching of God’s word and enjoy Christian fellowship.  We miss him very much, but his goal to see a camp property developed for God’s glory has become reality.  Melvin wanted to see our 40 year old main lodge replaced with a new Conference Centre, which he supported prayerfully and financially.  We praise the Lord for His servant!  May God raise up another generation of young men who are committed to serve the Lord in camp ministry with their God-given abilities so that we can reach this generation for Christ.

A special thanks to those who have already given to the Melvin Burns Memorial Fund – for the construction of a new Conference Centre at FGBC.

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