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Notes from College Students

I am a former camper at FGBC. Although it’s been over seven years since I attended camp I will always look back in it with fond memories! It was a wonderful experience; one that I will always remember! My sister and I had a great time the years that we attended, and we made some great friends during our time spent there!! On a serious note it was an encouraging time to be with so many Christians; also the time spent in Bible study and hearing all of the good preaching was wonderful. I am now attending school to become an elementary teacher and am desiring to follow in the Lord’s will and will always be thankful for the decisions that I was able to make while at FGBC!

Notes from Teens

“Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice. God has used you in changing the lives of Nova Scotian teens” –

“Thanks for holding this retreat it was really great. I was so glad that the camp season was extended to the winter. The retreat was really really fun and the preaching was really great! Please pass on my thanks to (the speaker)”

Notes from families at Family Camp

“Thank you for your labor of love! Forest Glen has been a haven of rest’ for our family each summer. It is just like ‘coming home’ when we travel down the dirt road to the camp.” – Nova Scotia

“We thank you all so much once again for the enjoyable time we shared at camp. It just gets better every year!” – Newfoundland

“This was our first time at family camp and we were very blessed by it… we just had so much fun as a family. Everyone at the camp was so kind and helpful and made us feel so welcome and comfortable.” – New Brunswick

“Just a note to let you know that my life has changed dramatically due to my wonderful week at Forest Glen! I was saved in March 2000, but somewhere along the way, I lost touch with God and gave up trying. But being with you all and hearing the wonderful messages has made me hungry beyond belief for more knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. So thank you once again for your generosity in helping my family experience Christian life at it’s best!” – Nova Scotia

A teen from the Youth Missions Summit program

 “As a sophomore in high school, I was afforded the great opportunity to visit FGBC. The used the time I spent there to do several things in my life. Most significantly, it was in NS that I first sensed the Lord’s direction on my life towards missions. The opportunities I had to teach a lesson for VBS and the spirit of the missionaries we worked with were strong influences on my life to encourage me towards missions.” – Rocky Mt., NC

“Camp Victories for Life” – published in the Frontline Magazine

By Carrie Ann Banks

It was getting darker every minute, and time was running out. Surely it had to be around here somewhere. I knew this campground like the back of my hand! It was the last object the teams had to find and was worth over 1000 points. Since this year’s camp theme was the jungle, the staff had hidden wooden heads of tigers, bears, shields, and the most valuable a wooden spear.

I could hear the girls screaming in the woods, guys running around searching and looking even under the cabins! Then I saw the woodpile. “Hhhhmmm” I rushed to begin peeking through the logs. “Oh No!” I said to myself. Everyone saw me and was running like a herd of horses to my woodpile! By this time it was so dark I could barely see. Just when I was about to give up, my hand felt something small and long. My heart raced with excitement, it had to be it! I pulled out a long jungle spear. “I found it!” I cried. Then ran as fast as my short legs could carry me for fear that one of the big guys on the other team would tackle me and take it away! ” 5 4… 3…,” the announcer called out. I threw the spear in front of Mr. Berkey, our game director, and a cheer went up for me.

Our team had won and I made the difference. I thought to myself proudly, “What a day!” Victory was ours!

I always enjoy looking back at those wonderful camp memories not just experiencing the victory in the games but more importantly in my life.

Growing up in rural Nova Scotia as a missionary’s kid was not always easy, and could be very lonely at times. Forest Glen Bible Camp was a true highlight in my life. I couldn’t wait for camp each year. For that one week at camp, I didn’t have to worry about being a Pastor’s kid. I could just be another camper and enjoy it to the fullest!

During this time I was going to a public school, and the pressure there was hard as well. I never had any Christian friends my age that lived close by. I was the only one in my Sunday School class, and never had a youth pastor or a youth group. But what I did have was a wonderful family that wanted the best for me which made sure I was always able to attend camp each summer.

I attended Forest Glen Bible Camp ever since it first opened. Many years later after our family moved, I did attend other Christian camps, one of which had close to 500 campers! I found, though, that it seemed a lot of kids took going to camp for granted. A lot of the kids didn’t even want to be there because their parents “made” them come! I couldn’t understand that! To be around so many Christians, to have wonderful preaching on subjects I needed to hear all week, to have counselors that cared about me and that I could look up to, was amazing to me! So many of the kids came from big churches with big youth groups. They came from Christian schools, and had lots of Christian friends. They were extremely “wealthy” in my eyes to have so much. I think it can be easy to take all those “luxuries” for granted. Instead, keep a tender heart and use all the benefits you have to the fullest.

I believe that Forest Glen was in a class of its own because it had such a sweet spirit among the campers. Most of the kids went to public school. Everyone was struggling with the same issues, and we all came from extremely small churches. We all saw the same kids at camp year after year, and looked forward to seeing our Christian friends that we saw sometimes only once a year.

The camp may not have had a lot, and it was not very big, but it made a world of difference in the lives of kids and teens in the Maritimes. Many of those teens are now at Christian Universities and Bible colleges!

I made so many important spiritual decisions in my life at camp. I thank God for Pastor Reason and his family, for having a burden for the Maritimes to establish Forest Glen. It helped me keep on tract and to keep my focus where it should be: on Christ and striving to be like Him. The guest speakers that came for the weeks at camp always did a fantastic job, and it always seem to hit right at home when I needed it the most. I had assurance of my salvation in the summer of ’94 after an evening service. I dedicated my life to whatever the Lord would have me to do shortly after. I made the commitment to honor my father and mother, not to let pride stand in my way, and to be a witness to my friends at my public school. As a result I was able to lead many friends to the Lord and have a ministry with them as well.

I highly recommend having your children or teens attend a Christian camp. It could make all the difference, and have an impact on their life that they will never be able to forget. Going to a good Christian camp should not be something taken lightly. It is a privilege. What you do with that privilege will be the key. You can make decisions to do what is right, but if you do not put them into practice you will never grow stronger spiritually. “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves… but whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed…” (James 1:22,25)

Whether you are in a public, Christian, or home school, be thankful for what the Lord has given you! Use the different opportunities He has set before you. No matter what situation you may be in, the Lord is always there to help you get the victory. “But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (I Cor15:57)

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