Forest Glen Bible Camp


What type of bed will I sleep on at camp?
answer: bunk bed – you will need a sleeping bag or sheets that fit a 36 x 72 mattress.

1. How many people will be in my cabin?
answer: 6 to 9 plus one college-age counselor.

2. During family camp, how many people can stay in the duplex private bath cabins?
answer: 10 – These are equipped for large families (5 or more people, please).
We have other accommodations near washrooms

Church Affiliation:
Do you require that I belong to a particular denomination? 

1. How old do you have to be to play paintball?
answer: 12 and up

2. Do my parents and I have to sign an application in advance?
answer: yes. The signed paintball application must be given to our office before you play.

1. Is the non-refundable registration fee part of the total fee for a week of camp?
answer: yes.

2. Should I send one form for each person that attends camp?
answer: yes. Please check only one box (camp/retreat) per form. Only one form is required for Family Camp. Please list all family members and ages

3. May campers arrive early on registration day?
answer: no, we request that you do not arrive before 2:30pm on Monday.

4. Should I read the camp brochure before packing my suitcase?
answer: yes. There is important information about “what to bring/not to bring” and “required dress regulations” while you are at camp.

What is your camper:staff ratio?
answer: In each cabin there is one college-age (or older) counselor per 8 or 9 campers. During the day, we have a 4:1 ratio.

Do I need a passport if traveling from the US?
answer: No, if you are driving. click here for more info

Please Contact Us if you have further questions.

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