Forest Glen Bible Camp

Testimony about MG-FAF

Maritime Games and Fine Arts Festival has been a huge boost to our church
ministry for many years.  Through the athletic competitions, our young people
have been privileged to get involved in activities in which they would not be
involved otherwise.  Through the Fine Arts adjudications, the talents that the
Lord has given them have been honed.  And the Bible quizzing has been a fun way
to go deeper into the Word of God.  We start preparing and pushing Maritime
Games and Fine Arts Festival as far back as January.  As soon as the Bible quiz
passage is announced, we begin studying together.  Usually, the teen group
challenges another Sunday School class in the church to study the passage as
well.  The Sunday immediately following the retreat, during the evening service,
the teens give testimonies, perform their fine arts, display all their projects
and awards, and compete in Bible quizzing against the Sunday school class they
challenged.  Doing this for the past few years has served to encourage our
who have invested into our young people, and to give the younger
children in our ministry something to get excited about and to look forward to.
We are so grateful for this helps ministry that Forest Glen Bible Camp has
provided for our church.

Pastor Keith Boss, Grace Baptist Church, Lutes
Mountain, NB

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